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Should I Follow Other Lawyers on Twitter?

I go out of my way to follow other Lawyers, not only because they tend to be interesting but for marketing reasons.

People worry about following other lawyers on Twitter, worried about giving away tips, ideas etc. I can understand that but I don’t think we need to worry about competing on twitter, for a start there aren’t that many of us from the UK on Twitter.

Following other lawyers can be a great source of work.

Take my ideal client, where is the best place to find them? Where will I get the most referrals from? Where do most people with motoring law problems go? – Other solicitors. Most people I speak to on twitter don’t do motoring law and we can refer clients to each other. Even other motoring lawyers refer clients to each other, unless they are in the same line of work in the same location then they are not competitors but collaborators.

I also learn a lot from other lawyers about how to market, keep up with the law and sometimes bounce ideas around.

I follow all UK Lawyers I can, with one exception, a motoring lawyer in the same location as me who copied everything I did, you probably know who you are and no I didn’t disappear from Twitter I just blocked you.

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How to make every tweet a sales pitch without annoying people.

I like Twitter, but as a marketing platform it has it’s problems. Not least the fact that it is so transient. Most people follow a few hundred people and pop on for a few minutes throughout the day. They maybe scan the last 100 or so tweets. Having already established that I believe there should be a mixture of marketing type messages and more personal messages what is the chance of someone seeing your ‘sales pitch’ when they are scanning through the last 100 tweets?

You only get 140 characters on twitter so there is not room to add your website/company name/job role at the end of every tweet so add it at the beginning.

In fact put it in big bold letters at the side too, every time.

Your twitter name can be your sales pitch.

People know what I do, my twitter name is MotoringLawyer.

I can talk about the football, the weather or the latest scandal and people know I do Motoring Law. When people re-tweet my slightly humorous tweets about football their followers know what I do too.

Does Bloggs&CoLawyers as a twitter name take it much further? I don’t think so, sure people know you are a lawyer but they probably follow a few lawyers.

What separates you?

What do you DO?

NorthEastConveyancer tells people what you do and where, and it’s available 😉

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