Which Law Firm Ranks Top For Use Of Twitter?

Be prepared for a shock, you might not have guessed it and after reading how they came to the decision you wont believe it (nor should you!)

Intendance, a ‘Digital Web Agency’ decided to do  a report ‘an overview of Twitter use in the UK Legal Sector’

I think this was a good opportunity to have an insight into twitter use by UK Lawyers but I think it was a missed opportunity. Intendance limited the survey to the top 50 firms and asked whether they had an account and then reviewed it.

After using hubspot to analyse the accounts the top firms were listed.

Allen & Overy came top – they have 2794 followers and have tweeted 204 times,  Withers were 4th with 688 – 299 tweets, the last on 5th January and before that on 24th November.  Clifford Chance sneaked into the top 5 with 79 tweets!

The conclusion is that ‘The survey shows that Twitter has permeated the legal sector to a significant degree’ and”These statistics tell us that the balance has tipped undoubtedly in favour of Twitter, to the extent that it is now an accepted constituent of the modern marketing mix’??? What statistics? That Clifford Chance have tweeted 79 times?

What does it take to get into the top 10 on this survey? Well the 10th spot goes to Norton Rosehttp://twitter.com/#!/NortonRoseGroup who have 455 followers. You may wonder why they have that many since they have never actually sent a tweet!

Surely as soon as you see a firm in 10th position in terms of ‘Quality of Twitter account’ with no tweets at all that must say that the whole grading exercise is a joke. I would be embarrassed to put my name to this survey.

What this survey shows is that the big law firms do not use twitter to any extent at all, they don’t network, they don’t contribute and in some cases they do not tweet at all!



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