When Should I Promote Myself On Twitter?

So you’ve taken the plunge, set up your account. Now what do you say and why would anyone want to listen to you anyway?

Twitter is much like a networking group that meets up regularly, if you are on twitter for marketing purposes you will want to make people aware of what you do. This is where so many get it wrong.

No one likes the guy who goes from group to group passing out his business cards and it’s not good networking either. Those business cards? They all end up in the bin eventually.

On Twitter, just like at networking events you have to get the balance right. There is nothing wrong with pitching but you have to be selective. On twitter I would suggest that you do a ‘marketing’ tweet when you have something to say, a new blog post,  a new member of staff, a recent case you have won/been involved in.

Don’t pitch for the sake of it. If you don’t have anything to say, listen. Re tweet other peoples interesting tweets, comment on other peoples tweets and join in conversations.

Don’t mistake lots of tweets for influence, it might get you noticed but so does wearing a novelty tie, it doesn’t mean it’s good.

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